Rotors for NSK Turbines

Rotors and Cartridges for NSK Highspeed Handpiece Turbine rotor assembled with MYONIC German Ceramic Ball Bearings.

All rotors/cartridges are with push-button and come with O-Rings and Washers (by necessity).

Machine dynamic balanced and serialized and has same parameters as original in the level of noise and RPM (rotations per minute) which provides the same speed and torque as original ones!

Best Rotors / Cartridges for NSK High-Speed Turbines online for a wide range of models

We Cover almost all range of NSK Turbines lines like M, Z, and X Lines

Here is the NSK Turbines Lines we can supply:

  • NSK Ti-Max X line
  • NSK Ti-Max Z Line
  • NSK S-Max M Line
  • NSK Mach-Lite
  • NSK Phatelus
  • NSK Pana AIR
  • NSK Presto Aqua

We offer the best prices for Premium Quality NSK cartridges made in Europe!