Handpiece Repair Tools

Our Online Dental Store provides a big variety of professional dental handpiece repair tools for such brands as KaVo, NSK, W&H, Bien Air, Sirona, Star, Fona, Castellini, Faro, Midwest, Lares, Chirana, Densim and etc. Our professional dental handpiece repair tools are high quality and precise and are designed for technicians and also for dentists who have the knowledge and wish to replace themselves with dental turbines, headgears, middle shafts, etc.

Our high-quality handpiece repair tools will ensure you have the needed equipment to replace dental turbines, head gears, middle shafts, and more. They are precise and will work well for any dentist who is trying to fix their own dental turbines instead of taking them to a repair shop.

We provide a full range of tools for the replacement of dental handpieces. All our products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards and we also provide a complete range of handpiece repair kits.

Here you can find the High Speed as well as the Low Speed Repair Tools.

Dental Tools for Repair

Our tools are made from High quality and resistant materials like steel or aluminum which can be used multiple times and will do a precise task.

We deliver our tools Worldwide and for affordable prices. Warranty -12 months.