Rotors for Sirona Turbines

We supply Premium Quality replacement Rotors for High-Speed Sirona Dental Push Button Turbines.
Rotors/Cartridges are Dynamically balanced and assembled with Myonic Ceramic ball bearings.
All Replacement Turbines kits are supplied with the necessary O-rings ( 2 pieces) and washers.
All replacement Rotors for Sirona Turbines have a full warranty of 6 months!

Rotors for Sirona High Speed Turbines

Dental Rotors and Turbines is a supplier of Premium Quality Components for Dental Repair Shops. We sell high-quality Rotors for Sirona Rotors with 100% compatibility.Rotors for Sirona are assembled with Premium Quality German Ceramic Rotors MYONIC or GRW. Because of High-Quality components, we are offering 6 months warranty for all ranges of Sirona compatible rotors.We mainly dispatch Worldwide with FedEx Courier and that is why we have Fast and trustful delivery. Check online reviews from our customers to ready about their satisfaction regarding Quality and Service!