Dental Handpiece Turbines Keys

Wrenches for Highspeed Handpiece Turbines
High quality and precise Wrenches for Dental Turbines and Contra Angles.

Turbine wrenches are made of high-quality materials for dental turbines and contra-angles. You can see in our sale turbine wrenches for handpieces of such well-known brands as BIEN AIR, CASTELLINI, B.A. International, Bien Air Bora, Faro, KAVO, NSK, Morita, SIEMENS,W&H, SIRONA and STAR.

All of our dental turbinen handpieces have a turbine in their housing. The principle of its operation is based on the pressure of compressed air, with the help of which the air rotor and the collet that secures the bur rotate. The air is converted into kinetic energy – the tool is launched.

When choosing a turbine wrench for dental handpieces, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The main characteristics of dental handpieces include: technical (rotation speed, noise level, power), hygienic (coating power, protection of internal cavities from contamination), and ergonomic (connection type, backlight).
The speed of all dental handpiece turbines is almost the same. Tip manufacturers make them according to the same scheme and they are of exceptionally high quality, making it easy to pick up the right turbine wrench.

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